June 27, 2016
# Title Type Responsible partner Download
1.1 Project progress reports Report Panteion
2.1 Report on the historical evolution of xenophobia in Greece Report Panteion Download 2.1
3.1 Report on the impact of the economic crisis on xenophobia in Greece Report Athena RC Download 3.1
4.1 Report on the examination of xenophobia in Greece Report Panteion Download 4.1
4.2 Report on the Event Database Report Athena RC Download 4.2
4.3 Report on the Knowledge Network Report Athena RC Download 4.3
5.1 Project website website Athena RC
5.2 International Workshop Event Panteion Download 5.2
5.3 Final dissemination conference Event Panteion Download 5.3
5.4 Report on dissemination activities Report Panteion Download 5.4
6.1 Sustainability of the project in the CLARIN-EL infrastructure Infrastructure Athena RC
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