On the 30 of August 2017, Anastasia Kafe, Ioannis Galariotis, Vasiliki Georgiadou and Zenovia Laliouti presented at the 13rd Conference of the European Sociological Association, (Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities, 29 Aug. – 01 Sept. 2017, Athens, Greece, their work entitled “Exploring aspects of extreme right activism and xenophobic manifestations”. On the 8-9th of June[…]

Xenophobia in brief

The basic aim of this research effort is to examine the phenomenon of xenophobia in Greece through a large-scale multi-source study based on the use of advanced computational social science approaches. There is a common perception that xenophobia is a deep-rooted social phenomenon that reasonably escalates under circumstances of severe economic crisis. In line with[…]